Reinventing acute MI recovery: Story of the Johns Hopkins Corrie Digital Health project

Enthusiasm continues to grow for the potential of digital health to transform CV care. Digital health is a form of telemedicine that depending on the context goes by other names such as “connected health” and “mobile health” or “mHealth.” It is the provision of health care and/or health-related information via digital devices (eg, mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch) and software (eg, applications, web-based resources) and the assessment/tracking of physiological, psychological and behavioral states in real time.

Creation of digital health solutions requires intensive collaborative efforts. Just as technology development leaders may be sequestered in silos of computing, engineering and industry, health care professionals are often isolated in centers of biomedical research and academic hospital settings. To bridge the gap between technology development and health care, creating a digital health solution can facilitate collaboration and cross-fertilization of ideas, innovations and systems change.

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