A Corrie Success Story

Corrie team members Francoise and Erin met with Tony, who wants to share his story with other heart attack survivors. Tony is a 65 year old former football player who had a heart attack needing coronary artery bypass surgery and Corrie to help in his recovery. He credits Corrie for helping him get back on his feet, describing the app as a companion through the recovery process and a critical tool towards better health. He also contributed valuable feedback on ways to improve Corrie. We are continuously working on exciting app updates, inspired and shaped by the experiences of patients like Tony.

Tony shared this photo with us: “This was taken July 6th 2018. Horsetail Falls Sierra Nevada Mountains, at 6000 ft, near South Lake Tahoe. Exactly 4 months from the day of my operation. Corrie got me to the finish line!” 

Thank you, Tony!