Corrie Aims to Address Health Equity Through the EmPOWERED To Serve Urban Health Accelerator

According to the map below, there is a 19-year life expectancy gap between Baltimore’s richest and poorest neighborhoods, and according to the Baltimore City Health Department, cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in this city. Corrie Health believes that digital health innovations can play a role in addressing some of the social determinants of health behind these disparities, which is why we applied for the American Heart Association’s EmPOWERED To Serve Urban Health Accelerator. The Accelerator is a grant-based initiative that identifies innovative urban business solutions and guides candidates through an intensive 6-8 week curriculum designed to increase the impact of small businesses in addressing health disparities in the community. The Accelerator will culminate in a summit on Oct 16, 2018 in Baltimore, MD.

After going through a rigorous selection process, we are thrilled to announce that Corrie was selected as a candidate to take part in the next step of the EmPOWERED To Serve Urban Health Accelerator program, which will help us propel our vision of using digital health innovations to promote health equity in Baltimore City and beyond. Many members of the Corrie team have personal experience taking care of patients whose potential to heal was cut short by their environment. Through the program’s support, we hope expand our connections in Baltimore, develop our story, and improve our platform to empower patients of all backgrounds to access the care they need to recover. We hope to inspire and equip our users to adopt healthy behaviors, targeting the diverse needs of potential Corrie users in our community.

We are so excited to see where the Urban Health Accelerator takes us, so stay tuned for updates along this journey!

(c) The Washington Post