Corrie Health visits Maryvale Preparatory School

Francoise Marvel and Erin Spaulding with the Maryvale Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Creativity Class

On May 13, 2019, Dr. Francoise Marvel and Erin Spaulding presented Corrie Health’s focus on innovation, leadership, and collaboration to a class of students at Maryvale Preparatory School in Lutherville, MD.

The students engaged in a lively discussion surrounding the impact of interdisciplinary teams creating digital health platforms for diverse populations. “Corrie will revolutionize patient care,” an 11th grade Maryvale student stated, “not only by helping patients monitor their heart, but also reducing their family’s anxiety about future unpredictable events.”

Mary Ellen Fise, Director of the Leadership Institute and teacher of the Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Creativity course shared, “Corrie is an excellent example for our Innovation students.  This groundbreaking health app delivers on two objectives — assisting patients in complying with post- hospital instructions and helping reduce hospital readmissions.” Fise has dedicated her career to developing female leaders early on in their educational careers. “It is always gratifying to bring excellent real-life examples into the classroom,” reported Fise, “Seeing and hearing talented and achieving women health professionals like Marvel and Spaulding explain their work on Corrie was inspirational and empowering for our young women students.

Another 11th grade student, shared her perspective: “I believe that Corrie will be a factor in sparking a new wave of medical advancement… Corrie allowed me to recognize that there are no limits on innovation. With a good idea, the right group of people and resources, and a collective determination, you can take on any problem. Only you can limit your own creativity, so by believing in your idea and having the drive to pursue it you can solve any problem.”