Premedical Clinical Research Assistant: Arman Mizani
BS Candidate (’20)
Johns Hopkins University

Arman Mizani is currently a junior at Johns Hopkins University Krieger School of Arts and Sciences studying Neuroscience with a minor in Entrepreneurship & Management.

Arman is from Sacramento, California. When he’s home, he likes to visit Lake Tahoe to ski and eat his way around San Francisco. Arman is also a big fan of sports. He played for the Johns Hopkins University football team during his freshman and sophomore year. Now in his junior year, he is a part of the University’s baseball team.

His interest in Neuroscience has led him to the VOR Laboratory at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Currently, he is evaluating if a certain technological goggle can test for loss of otolith function which would be integrated into the bedside assessment of patients. Arman is enthusiastic to become a physician that patients can trust and expect care from.