Cultural Health Expert: Sabianca Delva, PhDc, RN
Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing

Sabianca is a PhD candidate at the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. Her research interest is focused on using mobile health technologies in cardiovascular research to reduce health disparities in immigrant populations using a community engagement approach. Sabianca has years of acute and critical care experience in surgical and cardiac units at Massachusetts General Hospital and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Through her work, she has seen witnessed firsthand the hardships immigrants undergo navigating the US healthcare system. The non-English speaking patients often experience cultural and linguistic barriers when accessing the health care system. Immigrant patients often fail to comply to treatment, especially for self care management of cardiovascular diseases due to structural, social and cultural barriers. Hence why her research is focused on helping vulnerable populations using innovative technologies.

As Cultural Health Expert for the Corrie study, Sabianca has translated official documents for the study and has translated contents on the app. Thus far, she has presented at two different conferences on behalf of Corrie and was a Poster award winner for one of the conferences. When not saving lives or conducting research, Sabianca can be seen in a spinning class or doing barre exercises in the lovely Mt. Vernon Baltimore neighborhood.