Clinical Research Innovation Lead: Shannon Wongvibulsin
MD-PhD Candidate (’21)
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Shannon Wongvibulsin is pursuing her PhD in biomedical engineering and training as a physician scientist at Johns Hopkins. She joined the Hopkins MD-PhD Program after graduating summa cum laude from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with a BS in bioengineering and minor in biomedical research. At UCLA, she performed research as a Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Scholar and was awarded the Most Distinguished Senior Award. Her commitment to improving human health extends beyond her research. To empower individuals to take charge of their personal wellbeing, she served as the Director and Editor-in-Chief of UCLA’s Total Wellness Magazine. At Hopkins, Shannon has continued to pursue her interests in revolutionizing medicine. At the Leaders of Tomorrow Summit, she was named one of the 50 Leaders of Tomorrow – innovative individuals at the forefront of biotechnology’s future. She is currently performing research in computational medicine as part of the Hopkins Individualized Health Initiative to improve disease prevention, diagnosis, and treatment through data science, predictive analytics, and biomedical engineering.

Outside the hospital and research labs, Shannon transforms the kitchen into a learning laboratory for nutrition to foster a sense of community around healthy food. She enjoys designing wholesome and delicious creations and has collaborated with her peers to publish a free resource for healthy eating – the B’more Healthy Cookbook. From the clinic and research lab to the kitchen, as an aspiring physician scientist, she is committed to discovering novel ways to improve human health and engineer a better future of healthcare.